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Welcome to Friends of Figma, Hong Kong! 👋
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Friends of Figma Hong Kong is an inclusive design community where all designers can find fun, safe spaces to share in, connect and grow. We aim to create a future where design in Hong Kong is valued, community-led, collaborative, and borderless.

This community welcomes anybody from any background, stage of career, language, or location — if you have an interest in design, you are welcome!


Friends of Figma Hong Kong 是一個包容的設計社群。在這裏,所有人都能在這個有趣且安全的空間分享,互相聯繫及成長。我們期望在將來,香港的設計能夠受重視,由社群主導充滿協作且毫無邊界。

無論你來自什麼行業,擁有多少資歷,使用什麼語言,身處任何地方,只要你對設計有興趣,FoF Hong Kong一定歡迎你加入!


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Upcoming events

Jun 10, 2023

In-person event

SIde Project Saturday

Have you been trying to find time to work on a side project or looking for collaborators or feedback? This will be dedicated time to work on anything you want, with others who are also working on their own side projects! We’re sure the designers all around will motivate and inspire!

Jun 21, 2023

In-person event

FoF HK's Config2023 Watch Party

More details coming soon

Past events

In-person event

Side Project Saturday

In-person event

A Conversation with Design Leaders: Grow Your Design Career 🌱

In-person event

🥂 FoF HK Winter Holiday Party ❄️

In-person event

What, When, Why & How? - AMA with UX Research Experts


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