Welcome to Friends of Figma Zagreb Community! 🇭🇷

We are so happy to se have you join us. Especially if you are obsessed with Figma OR you are just starting and willing like to learn - everyone is welcome! Let's get creative together! 🎨✏️ 💻📲

The beauty of this platform is it connects your developer friends, product owners, designer pals, illustrators, videographers, engineers, social media managers and everyone else who shares universal vision, values and know-hows. 🧩

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Everyone who participates in this group is expected to follow Figma's code of conduct.


We may take photos (or screenshots) and videos during the events. By coming to the virtual or physical meetup, you give consent to take pictures and videos of you. The events will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube and reshared to the community afterward.

Upcoming events

Jun 21, 2023

In-person event

Config 2023 Watch Party | Zagreb, Croatia

Friends of Figma Zagreb is inviting you to Figma's annual conference Config 2023 Watch Party LIVE! 🎉

Past events

Virtual Event

Collab Hours: FigJam

Virtual Event

FoF Zagreb Kick Off ⚡️


Lamia Nuhbegovic

Figma Community Advocate


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