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Friends of Figma Sydney, or FOF Sydney, stands as one of the official user groups affiliated with Figma.

Our community is nurtured by passionate Figma Community Advocates located in Sydney, who are dedicated to fostering connections among designers. We aim to achieve this through hosting meetups, informative sharing sessions, and thought-provoking discussions centered around Figma and the broader realm of product design. Our philosophy is rooted in the principles of open design, offering valuable resources and inclusive access to all individuals, enabling them to learn, grow, and contribute to the local, regional, and global design communities.

FOF Sydney serves as a gathering point for designers, an opportunity to expand your professional network, and a platform for honing design skills. We provide both in-person events and a vibrant online community. Our inclusive approach welcomes anyone with an interest in design or Figma, whether you're an experienced practitioner, an aspiring designer, a developer, or a creative of any background. Join us and embark on your journey to learn and create within our diverse and collaborative space.


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Consent & code of conduct

Please read Figma Community Code of Conduct here:

We may take photos (or screenshots) and videos during the events. By coming to the virtual or physical meetup, you give consent to take pictures and videos of you.

The events may be recorded, uploaded to YouTube, and then reshared with the community afterward.

Past events

In-person event

Two Worlds of Design: Continuous Learning and Content Design

In-person event

Sydney Design Leaders Xmas Meetup

In-person event

Friends of Figma Sydney: Figma library deep-dives

In-person event

Friends of Figma Sydney: Accessibility

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Lewis Healey

Figma Community Advocate

Camilla Ahlstrรถm Doyle

Community Lead

Pierluigi Russo

Friends of Figma Leader
Service NSW

Karen Lin

Community lead

Simon Mateljan

Community Lead

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