Design Systems 101

Oct 9, 2022, 1:30 – 3:00 PM

The learning just got multipled✨ Bringing to you’ll, the Friends of Figma Visakhapatnam x Friends of Figma Warangal collaboration event🤝

About this event

DESIGN SYSTEMS 101, is a collaboration event with our fellow Figma community Friends Of Figma, Warangal who is hosting this event on the topic of design systems.

Takeaways from the Event:

Before you leave, you’ll have your bag filled with-

1. What are design systems?

2. What’s the need for design systems?

3. What is atomic design?

4. How to plan for building design systems more efficiently.

5. How do we hand-off the design systems to the tech team?


  • Nagateja Pillarisetti

    Akrivia HCM

    UX Designer


  • Hari Teja


    Product Designer


  • Nagateja Pillarisetti

    Keka Hr

    Figma Community Advocate

  • Anil

    Kodo Cards


  • Priyanka K

    Figma Community Advocate

  • Prathyusha Koduru

    Prathyusha Doodles

    Public Relations

  • satish chandra

    Akrivia HCM

    Marketing / Graphic

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