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“Where aspirations turn into reality”

A designer, product manager, illustrator, artist, developer or a creative enthusiast, no matter who you are, your mind boggles around Design. Welcome to the limitless learning platform of building new skills, sculpting the skills we possess, experiencing mentorship, understanding product-building dynamics, connecting with design gurus and socializing. Fun right? But hey, this isn’t all, there’s more…

Add a meaning - You’ve been designing all till now, but have you found your true purpose yet? The reason you got started and what keeps you going? If not, chill out, at Friends of Figma unleash your creative juices to reminisce your own design self.

Learn - Unlearn - Life is an ongoing journey and so is design. At Friends of Figma, exploit every opportunity to learn, engage in brainstorming sessions, socialize with fellow designers, mentors. Put out all your ideas, thoughts and absorb the knowledge from around.

Connect - Find your dynamic. Designing is fun, but it’s way more fun with the right people! Build a vision of learning and growing, and meet your fellow designers, mentors, Design gurus & your idols too!

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