Workshop 星期三(九月) Workshop Wednesday (September)

Hong Kong

Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 12:30 – 2:00 PM UTC


About this event

有無試過剪頭髮有問題時覺得好難開口?或者想轉髮型屋但係唔識揀邊間?參加嚟緊9月28日嘅 FigJam 星期三線上 Workshop,我哋會一齊玩下 FigJam ,唸方法一齊改善剪頭髮嘅體驗。

為咗確保互動同參與度,活動名額最多只限20個,所以請儘快報名!名額有限,如報名後未能出席,記得取消RSVP讓出你嘅位置,俾其他朋友仔參加!我哋每個月都會舉辦一次 Workshop,如果你今次 join 唔到我哋,我哋可以喺其他活動或者下個月再見!


FigJam 見!


Have you ever encountered problems when getting a haircut? Or struggle to give feedback when it goes wrong? Let's improve the haircut experience together in this month's ONLINE Workshop Wednesday!

This month’s event will be held in Cantonese only. This is a monthly recurring event, so you can always come to the next one if you can't make this one!

See you in FigJam world!