From Figma to Webflow: A Live Design Session with Jose Urbano

Hong Kong

Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 12:00 – 1:00 PM UTC


About this event

Friends of Figma Hong Kong invites you to a live design session with one of our community members, Jose Urbano. He'll take us through his entire process of building a website landing page from start to finish.

What you can expect: 

- He’ll have a website designed in Figma, briefly going over the brief, his design, and how he came up with it.

- He'll jump into Webflow and build his design live. He will cover topics ranging from class names to animations!  

- During the session, people can ask questions in the chat and Jose will answer while he's building.

- By the end, Jose will have a 1-page website built in Webflow. After the building time, the rest of the session will be for Q&A.

- Even if you know nothing about Webflow, come join and learn! 

Event details: 

- Where? FoF HK Discord Server #figroom voice channel

- When? June 7, 8 to 9pm HKT

- Language? English

About Jose:

Jose Urbano is the creative director and co-founder of Studio Salamero. He's in charge of all creative and technical requirements aspects of each project from start to finish. He uses Figma to design websites before moving to Webflow to build. His studio is a Webflow Professional Partner. 

Read more in our interview with him on Medium.