FigJam 星期五(六月) FigJam Friday (June)

Hong Kong

Friday, June 24, 2022, 12:30 – 2:00 PM UTC


About this event

你平時用嘅巴士app係唔係好廢?覺得有好多地方可以改善?參加嚟緊6月24日嘅 FigJam 星期五 Workshop。我哋會一齊玩下 FigJam 構思理想嘅巴士app,改善所有人返工返學時嘅旅程體驗。

為咗確保互動同參與度,活動名額最多只限20個,所以請儘快報名!名額有限,如報名後未能出席,記得取消RSVP讓出你嘅位置,俾其他朋友仔參加!我哋每個月都會舉辦一次 FigJam Friday,如果你今次 join 唔到我哋,我哋可以喺其他活動或者下個月再見!


FigJam 見!


Welcome to June’s FigJam Friday! Do you hate your bus app? Or have many ideas for its improvement? Let’s design a new bus app together, and improve everybody’s commuting experience!

This month’s event will be held in Cantonese only. This is a monthly recurring event, so you can always come to the next one if you can't make this one!

See you in FigJam world!