Figma Athens - Online Global Event


Friday, July 10, 2020, 4:00 – 6:00 PM UTC


About this event

This is a free online global event.
Please register in 30'' here:

This time is different. πŸ‘€

This time is beyond limitations. 🀯

For the first time ever, Figma Athens goes global and brings communities from all around the world, together. 🌍

The local User Group Community expands beyond limits on Friday, July 10th 19:00 GMT+3 in an effort to blend cultures, ideas, and perspectives from all around the world. πŸ—Ί


Anthony DiSpezio, Designer Advocate at Figma, will share a perspective of Practical Design.

Joel Grenier, Head of Design at Fellow and Figma Ottawa Co-Organizer will talk about crafting and embracing fundamental Design Principles into organisations.

Alex Price, Product Designer at Juniper Square, and Figma Austin Co-Organizer will explore all the creative and out-of-the-box things that can be built on Figma.

Let's gather round from anywhere in the world on Friday, July 10th 19:00 Athens Time GMT+3, and experience the feel of a global event together. πŸ•–

Register Free on Zoom, and don’t forget to add a quick reminder to your Calendar. πŸ“†

Zoom link: