Friends of Figma in Athens is here!  

Since Figma opened the doors for the launch of broader Figma communities in different cities,  in Quintessential SFT  we are extremely excited and really focused on doing everything possible to bring that in Athens.

Let's build a strong community of creative and passionate people now. Let's think, brainstorm, work hard, and visualize the future of design, together. Join the meetup group below and stay tuned for the exact dates and information for the first-ever meetup event! Join the group below and stay tuned for dates, venue, and more! Let's do this! It's coming soon!

Figma is an online collaborative design tool, one of the most trending and powerful tools that designers use to create high-quality digital products. 

Turn Ideas Into Products Faster.

Meet designers, grow your network, and build design skills at in-person events and in our online community. Open to everyone interested in learning more about Figma; advanced practitioners, aspiring designers and developers, and creatives of all types.

Past events

Virtual Event

The one with the Makers

Virtual Event

All things Design 2022

Virtual Event

Friends of Figma Athens #5 (Live with GitHub & Citrix)

Virtual Event

Design as an inclusive and ethical tool in 2020

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Socrates Charisis

Figma Community Advocate

Aggelos Afratis

Community Designer
Quintessential SFT

Alexandros Kostakis

Community Designer
Quintessential SFT

thanos koutsoupas

Community Designer
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Community Manager
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