Mastering Usability Testing

Apr 13, 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Mastering Usability Testing | Design, prototype & test with Figma & Useberry

About this event

Join us in our upcoming workshop on Usability Testing with Useberry. 

When? 13th of April from 10 am. 

Where? T16, Tzaferi 16

How?  ➡️ Fill in the survey here to apply. ⬅️

Applications close on the 8th of April and selected participants will be notified via e-mail about their spots.

The goal of this joint workshop between Friends of Figma Athens and Useberry is to equip participants with the expertise to conduct usability testing on Figma prototypes using Useberry, fostering the creation of user-centric designs through hands-on experience and data-driven insights.

Attendees will leave with the ability to easily integrate design and evaluation, enhancing product success and user satisfaction.


🏁  Intro & Overview (15 mins)

- Greetings and workshop overview

- Useberry’s role in enhancing UX and the importance of usability testing

- Sneak peek: What we'll build together

- What is Usability Testing? When should you conduct this type of study?

- Importance of testing the usability of your Figma prototypes

- Types of Useberry testing methods: 5 Second Test, First Click Test, Usability Testing (Open Analytics, Single Task), Card Sorting, Tree Test, Preference Test, Surveys

🖍️ Design & Prototype (60 mins)

- How do we design a Figma prototype optimized for usability testing?

- What are the best practices?

- Hands-on design exercise: Design a mobile application (4-5 screens)

- Hands-on prototype exercise: Create an interactive prototype ready to be tested with Useberry

👨‍🔬 Create a Usability Test ( 30 mins)

- Step-by-step guide

- How to import your Figma prototype to Useberry

- Create tasks and scenarios: Best practices

- Add post-task questions

- Apply Randomization: How randomization helps reduce biases

- Apply Conditional logic with Useberry’s Logic Jumps

- Introduction to Recordings and Custom Languages features

 🛸 Recruit Participants ( 30 mins)

- Introduction to participant recruitment

- Overview of participant recruitment methods

- A guide to sharing your study link

- Accessing a diverse range of participants through Useberry’s Participant Pool

- How to define your target audience and collect responses

🔍 Analyze Findings ( 30 mins)

- Heatmaps

- User Flows

- Recordings

- Graphs and Metrics

- Filters and Segments

- Shareable results: Share results with anyone, embed results on Miro, etc.

📹 Share Results with Stakeholders ( 15 mins)

- How to present results to stakeholders

- PPT template

Wrap-up & Q&A ( 30 mins)

➡️ About Useberry

From concept to creation, Useberry accelerates the process of building user-validated products.

We empower product teams with intuitive tools for superfast user testing studies, saving valuable time and resources. With advanced analytics at your fingertips, creating exceptional user experiences has never been easier.

Transform your digital product journey with Useberry and create products users truly love.

 🔉 About The Speakers 

George Kordatos, Head of Design at Useberry

Graduating from the University of the Aegean with a degree in Product and Systems Design Engineering ignited my passion for User Experience Design. Since 2019, I've accumulated over six years of experience crafting meaningful digital product experiences at Useberry. In this role, Useberry presented itself as the ideal yet most challenging project, inspiring me to develop a universally user-accessible testing platform distinguished by its ease of use. Along the way, I've honed my skills in Figma since 2016, enabling me to create interactive prototypes and high-fidelity designs with precision and creativity.

Harry Karanatsios, Senior UX Researcher at Useberry

UX Specialist focusing on UX Research, with a diverse background in human-centered systems and computer science and over a decade of experience in the UX field. Holding an MSc in Human Centered Systems from City University London and a BSc Hons in Computer Science from the University of Piraeus. With a knack for uncovering user insights, I have contributed significantly to optimizing digital experiences across various industries such as gaming, e-commerce, and government. Currently serving as a UX Researcher at Useberry. Driven by a passion for understanding user behavior and enhancing product user experience, I am committed to leveraging research-driven strategies and insights to create impactful user experiences and drive design decisions.

➡️ Fill in the survey to apply.⬅️

Applications close on the 8th of April and selected participants will be notified via e-mail about their spots.



Saturday, April 13, 2024
7:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC


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