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We share our knowledge, skills, and experience to unite Birmingham's Friends Of Figma's hearts and minds.

The UX Community in Birmingham is constantly growing, and we need your help to ensure it keeps growing. Whether you're a UI/UX designer, a copywriter, a marketer, or a passionate individual looking to make a difference, we want to connect with you. Join our community!

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Upcoming events

Jun 21, 2023

In-person event

CONFIG Watch Party | Birmingham

At UX BHM, we believe that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied. So, to make sure no one misses out on the great content presented at the conference, weโ€™re hosting a watch party! The Figma CONFIG Annual Conference, which will be held from June 21 to 22.

Past events

Virtual Event

Figma First Steps


Matt Herndon

Figma Community Advocate

Kelli Lucas

Figma Birmingham Co-organizer


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