Friends of Figma is a set of groups that are run passionately by Figma Community Advocates. The community is a great place to get feedback on your work, find inspiration, and learn from others.

Upcoming events

Feb 24, 2024

In-person event

FoF Tunis New Year Kickoff

Connect with Tunis's design community in our first 2024 in-person event! Meet, collaborate, and shape the future of Friends of Figma Tunis. Explore ideas, forge connections. Save the date: February 10th, 2024, 10 am. See you there!

Past events

Virtual Event

Design Your Saturday: Day 08: Power of Storytelling in Design

Virtual Event

Design Your Saturday: Day 07: Mobile App Service Case Study

Virtual Event

Design Your Saturday: Day 06: Color Theory in UI Design

In-person event

DevFest Sousse Monastir: The Power of Storytelling / Crafting Narratives through Design

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Amani Medini

Figma Community Advocate
Capgemini Engineering

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