Friends of Figma is a set of groups that are run passionately by Figma Community Advocates. The community is a great place to get feedback on your work, find inspiration, and learn from others.

Upcoming events

30 jun 2024

In-person event

Tunisia Watch Party

The Figma Config Watch Party is a collaborative and engaging event where participants come together to watch and discuss the latest announcements, updates, and talks from the Figma Config conference. It's an opportunity for designers, developers, and anyone interested in design and technology to connect, learn, and share insights. The event will include live streaming of keynote sessions, panel di

Past events

Virtual event

UX in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

In-person event

IWD: Build with AI

Virtual event

Let's Animate with Figma

Virtual event

Breaking into the design Field

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Amani Medini

Figma Community Advocate
Capgemini Engineering

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