Hey Figma fam!

Our Figma Chapter is a virtual haven (that sometimes spills over into real life) for anyone who wants to keep up with best practices, and all that's happening in the modern UI/UX design world. Regardless of your mastery level or background, we welcome all Figma friends – whether you bleed Figma Cobalt blue (or, you know, prefer a different design system accent color).

We embrace diversity of thought and experience because that's what makes the design world so interesting (and keeps us all learning from each other). Plus, with Figma constantly dropping cool updates, it's like living in a design time warp – except here, we're all in it together.

Join Chapter Nuremberg and collaborate with a vibrant community. We offer Figma discussions, workshops, and early access to, well, everything Figma throws our way. It's a space for knowledge-sharing, skill-building, and connecting with other Friends of Figma in a safe and welcoming environment.


Victoria Taranenko

Staff UX Designer

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