We are a community that seeks to connect, network and grow your design skills. We are open to everyone and would love to connect with you and be a part of your amazing journey.

Upcoming events

19 jun 2024

Virtual event

Designing For Sustainability

Reducing the environmental impact of digital products through sustainable design.

29 jun 2024

In-person event

Nairobi Watch Party

Config is more than just a conference—it’s a gathering of ideas, a space for learning, and a celebration of craft for anyone who builds products. Join the Figma Conference on June 26-27 at the Config watch party with Product Managers Kenya

Past events

Virtual event

Trends in Design

In-person event

Design With Purpose

Virtual event

Case Study : Simple Ways To Make Your Product Go Viral

Virtual event

Creative for Your Client's Vision: Client-Centric Design

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Stephen kimani

Friends of Figma lead Organizer
Product designer

Mandela Winnie

Friends of Figma Nairobi Lead
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