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Welcome to Friends of Figma Miami, a quarterly meetup where you can soak up the sun, relax on the beach, and connect with other creatives who share your passion for Figma and product design.

Our doors are wide open for everyone, whether you're a design pro, a newbie, or just curious about Figma. Our goal is to swap tips, make new pals, and learn together. At FoF Miami, we're all about being welcoming and respectful. We follow Figma's official code of conduct to make sure our community is a safe and positive space for all.

Join us at our next gathering, meet some awesome folks, and explore more about Figma, the amazing design tool. We're excited to have you with us!


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Upcoming events

22 may 2024

In-person event

Sentient Design: AI and the Next Chapter of UX

Sentient Design is the emerging future of AI-mediated interfaces—experiences that feel almost self-aware in their response to user needs. UX leader Josh Clark leads a spirited exploration of the AI interactions and opportunities. Come for an evening of learning, networking, and fun.

Past events

In-person event

Retrospective and Chill: Navigating Your Professional Path

In-person event

Friends of Figma, Miami: Year-End Meetup

In-person event

Designing for new beginnings: 5 best practices to improve the UX of first impressions

In-person event

Leveraging product design to bring value to your business

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Beto Navarro

Product Designer

Jackie Benz

UX/UI Designer

Jonathan Ruiz

Lead Product Designer

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