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Welcome to Friends of Figma, Hyderabad! 

Friends of Figma, Hyderabad (FoF Hyderabad) is an inclusive community for anyone passionate about design using Figma. Whether you are a designer, artist, product manager, aspiring designer, developer, or any type of creative, you are welcome here. Join us to:

  • Build and refine your skills
  • Socialize with fellow designers
  • Receive mentorship
  • Gain insights into product development
  • Expand your professional network

We host both in-person events and online activities to foster learning, collaboration, and growth.


About Figma

Figma revolutionizes design collaboration by bringing everyone and everything into one place within the browser. With Figma, there is no need for software installations or syncs. A single, live URL allows multiple users to work simultaneously, ensuring everyone always has the latest version.

Figma has streamlined the design process for teams across various companies, including Microsoft, Slack, GitHub, and Uber.

About Friends of Figma, Hyderabad

Friends of Figma, Hyderabad (FoF Hyderabad) is an official user group of Figma, managed by Figma Community Advocates based in India. Our mission is to unite design enthusiasts for meetups, knowledge-sharing sessions, and discussions on Figma and product design. We champion open design, providing resources and access to all, contributing to the local, regional, and global design communities.


Connect with Us

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LinkedIn: Friends of Figma, Hyderabad

Twitter: @fof_hyderabad

YouTube: Friends of Figma, Hyderabad


Consent & Code of Conduct

Please review the Figma Community Code of Conduct.

Note: We may capture photos, screenshots, and videos during events. By participating, you consent to being photographed and recorded. Event recordings will be uploaded to YouTube and shared with the community.

Past events

In-person event

Hyderabad Watch Party

In-person event

Designland 1.0 : Discover the Fusion of AI & Creativity (Supported by FoF Hyderabad)

In-person event

ADPList's BeMore Design Festival in Hyderabad (Cohosted by FoF Hyderabad)

In-person event

Design Fusion | Where Product, Design, and Tech Unite

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Harsh Vardhan

Figma Community Advocate Vmware

Prashant Pandey

Figma Community Advocate Divami Design Labs

Mayank Sahu

Co-organizer Divami Design Labs

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