#9 - Switching Careers into UX


Tuesday, September 21, 2021, 12:00 – 1:15 PM UTC


About this event


Join us this September for lightning talks from 3 Career Switchers and see how they overcame their challenges and used their strengths from their previous jobs/careers to successfully transition into UX.


Tuesday, September 21st, 2021 at 8PM

Our Speakers: 

  • Rachel Chong with "Learners to Users"
  • Desiree Seow with "From Animation, to Graphic, to UX Design"
  • Christian Michel with "An unexpected journey: how I unknowingly became a UX designer"

About our speakers:

Rachel Chong

Before I worked in UX I was with MOE working as a teacher. My journey into tech began with an idea for a startup, which I pitched and I got turned down due to my lack of technical expertise. I then joined General Assembly & completed the UXDI course. I worked in a 5 man startup for my first role and I loved the cross-functional collaboration. I joined my current company this year, and I work with a team of designers who double hat working on the design system and a supply automation product for the built environment industry.

Desiree Seow

Before UX changed my career in the last 4 years in Deloitte and Standard Chartered, I was a film & animation graduate that trained for 7 years as a graphic designer across music, F&B, health and advertising industries. My work has allowed me to travel and collaborate with clients and teams across Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. I am currently part of the team designing an app experience for the next generation of private clients in Bank of Singapore.

Christian Michel

UX Designer and front–end developer with 5 years of digital expertise across disciplines. Collaborated with clients in China, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand, crafting boile apps, public websites, and internal software for ING, Bank of Beijing, Temasek, UOB, and others. Hold a BA in Oriental Studies, currently pursuing a Master's degree in UX design, and leading a creative team at Aleph Singapore.


  • 3x Lightning Talks ⚡️ + Q&A
  • Virtual event (on Zoom) 👩‍💻


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