#7 - Real Talk No. 1

Mar 31, 2021, 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Join us this March for a discussion with senior, mid-weight and junior designers in the industry to have some real talks about portfolio, hiring practices, expectations and the reality of working as a product designer in Singapore.

About this event


Long time no see y'all. We're back!

Join us this March for a cosy panel discussion with senior, mid-weight and junior designers in the industry to have some real talks about portfolio, hiring practices, expectations, challenges, highs and lows, and the reality of working as a product designer in Singapore. 

Have any questions for us and our panelists? Drop them here: https://forms.gle/hgbnUKx9w2AztgyQ7 or ask them during the live session. 


Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 at 8PM

Our Panelists

Menaka Chandrasekhar
Product Design Lead at PropertyGuru (Consumer Products)

Menaka has over 10 years of design experience spanning Singapore & India. With a background in graphic design, she offers unique skills for designing for various experiences, online and offline. Her love of problem-solving & pixel-perfect design led her to find her calling as a product designer.


Kimverlyn Lim
Product Designer at Dell Experience Innovation

Kimverlyn designs products for the next generation. Using emerging technologies, her projects span from proof of concepts to execution. Previously, she was at R/GA working on experience transformation projects with a focus on design strategy, trend analysis & designing unconventional experiences.


Grace Fuster
Senior UX Engineer at SGX

Coming from a tech background, Grace dived headfirst into the world of User Experience Design. She started her career with product design for a start-up, then moved on to consultancy, and is currently leading a team for enterprise - trying to advocate the value of UX over several industries including shipping, real-estate, IoT, and finance.


Tan Jue Ling
Junior Product Designer at Carro

An aspiring digital revolutionary, Jue Ling does not rest in her endless endeavour of improving information architecture of interfaces and website designs. Sketches, detailing prototypes & establishing visual unity and hierarchy are not unfamiliar to her as manifested in her native mobile applications and web designs.


  • Is it really harder to find jobs as junior designers vs. mid-weight and seniors? Has this phenomenon manifested during COVID?
  • Is the hiring process broken?
  • Why do portfolios all look the same nowadays?
  • What's expected of a designer really?
  • Why are business teams and engineering teams so hard to work with?
  • Are big companies way better than small companies, startups and agency?
  • What do titles and reputation (of the designer and companies) mean? Are they important?
  • Is remote work the future of design?
  • Many more...

Here are some questions we had in mind after running a workshop and series of interviews with designers from various backgrounds and levels of seniority. So we thought, why not put some folks together and discuss these topics to hear more about what their experiences have been like so far. So join us, sit back and relax as we commence our first panel discussion in a series of "Real Talks" (or so we hope) about our working lives and journeys in becoming a product designer in Singapore. 


  • Panel discussion 
  • Virtual event (on Zoom) 
  • Clubhouse style 😌


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Wednesday, March 31, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM UTC


Intro to FOFSG and Real Talk series
Theme 1: Working as a Product Designer in Singapore
Theme 2: Interviewing, Portfolio and Hiring
Job Openings and Event Wrap-up


  • Kloey Y.

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