#17 - Growing & Designing Together: Community-Driven Initiatives

Nov 22, 2023, 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM

FoF In-person Event

About this event

⛳️ What

We’re all strangers until we’re not. As we wind down from a hectic year – filled with work, transitions, and the occasional fire to put out – we wanted to come together with some of our favourite people to remind ourselves why community is important. We’ve gathered some familiar faces to talk about how it takes a village: to find your footing, to build meaningful things, to foster important conversations. Join Friends of Figma Singapore for our final event of 2023, a casual evening of discussion and connection about why we do what we do.

There’ll be light refreshments at the event – come for the food, stay for the talks and the friends you’ll meet! ✨

We’ve also prepared a pre-event activity for y’all! Head over to our interactive file and contribute to our community mural and spread positive vibes around! If you’re hiring or wish to look for collaborators for design-related projects, feel free to use this platform to share your contact too! 🧡 (No sales and promotion please!) 

😎 Panelists

Speaker #1: Co-creators & Hosts of Kiasu Design Life Podcast (KDSL)

Adilah Anuar

Adilah is a digital product designer with more than 10 years of experience designing and building websites. A reliable and easygoing person to work with, she has a good record of working in teams and independently. She's an avid reader and loves anything Matcha. 🤓🍵 As one half of Kiasu Design Life, Adilah combines her storytelling skills and passion for design with her knack for speaking spontaneously.

Tzu-Hsuan Yang

Hsuan is a digital product designer focusing on product strategy and data-driven design. A trusted ally of developers and PMs, she loves navigating complex systems and processes, identifying the right problems to solve, and crafting thoughtful experiences to uplift the value of design in organizations. She’s one half of Kiasu Design Life, where she channels her love for design and storytelling through audio while keeping it sibei local.

Speaker #2: Leonard Reese, Founder of Singapore Product Design

Leonard Reese has been actively organizing in the design and tech community for the past decade including the local meetup group, Singapore Product Design, founded in 2022. A self-proclaimed design nerd, Leonard’s professional work in UX spans across healthcare, e-commerce, and financial technology. He is now the head of product design for Wealth, Insurance & Investment at DBS. By night he is pursuing a master's in Design Management at Savannah College of Art and Design to be completed in the year 2025, at which point he will sleep.

Speaker #3: Ng Aik Yang, Co-founder & CEO of Holotracker

Aik Yang has been an entrepreneur in education for the last decade. He started his journey when he was 15, where he ran several prominent initiatives to grow the play-based learning movement in Singapore and Asia. Since then, he has continually built critical learning interventions in social-environmental education and social-emotional learning. Presently, he is the co-founder and CEO of HoloTracker, an EdTech outfit aimed at supporting educators in making learning explicit, adaptive and joyful.

Facilitator: Steve Wang, OCBC Bank

Steve is a multifaceted product designer with experience in designing in the banking industry. He is also an active community advocate for Friends of Figma in Singapore, a co-host for design podcast "Paper and Pain" with Kristian, a weekend biker and a coffee amateur. Steve's professional passions include design system, corporate design strategy, community building and growth. With his diverse background and interests, he brings a unique perspective to his work and is dedicated to fostering a supportive design community.

💬 Topics

#1: Adilah & Hsuan 

Audio editor, mic, say something nice. These were the ingredients to create yet another podcast. But we accidentally added an extra ingredient, Community. Thus, the Kiasu Design Life was born! Join us to hear real stories of how community becomes the heart of our podcast. How we tap into the strength of coming together, how we give back, and the lessons we’ve learned through this crazy 1 year.

#2: Leonard

"Tools of Collective Work and Responsibility"

Humans are social creatures. Humans are tool users. In this talk, lifelong tool user Leonard Reese will examine the relationship between these two aspects of human nature by sharing his own formative experiences with tools, community building, and the social responsibility of skilled labour.

#3: Aik

Building community has always been the front and center of Aik's work in education. He runs his initiatives as 'mini schools' - building out elements of mutual learning and strong entrepreneurial initiative within his teams. In his sharing, he shares what it means to create inspiring movements and tools that spark imagination and bring a shared vision to a learning community.


About Friends of Figma, Singapore

Friends of Figma, Singapore or FoF Singapore is one of the official user groups of Figma.

The group is run by Figma Community Advocates based in Singapore, as a way to bring folks together for meetups and sharing sessions to discuss topics related to Figma and the field of product design. We believe in open design and providing resources and access to everyone to facilitate learning and contribute to the local, regional as well as global design community.


Join the community at: https://friends.figma.com/singapore

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  • Aik Yang Ng


    Co-founder, CEO

  • Leonard Reese

    Singapore Product Design


  • Adilah Anuar

    Kiasu Design Life Podcast

    Co-creator, Host

  • Tzu-Hsuan Yang

    Co-creator, Host

    Kiasu Design Life


  • Steve Wang

    OCBC Bank



Wednesday, November 22, 2023
11:00 AM – 1:30 PM UTC


Pre-event mingle, light refreshments provided!
Speaker #1: Adilah Anuar
Speaker #2: Leonard Reese
Speaker #3: Ng Aik Yang
Chill & make friends :)


  • Kloey Y.

    Figma Community Advocate

  • Samantha Lee


    Product Design Lead

  • Kyle Wu Zhuoyi

    Figma Community Advocate

  • Stewart Huang


    Figma Community Advocate

  • Qi Jie Lim

    Figma Community Advocate


    Figma Community Advocate

  • Billy Aw

    Figma Community Advocate

  • Steve Wang

    OCBC Bank

    Figma Community Advocate


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