#11 - How ShopBack research team works and frames their culture

Mar 3, 2022, 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM

Curious about research teams out there? You're not alone. Join us for an awesome session with the research team at ShopBack and get insights into how they organise and build their culture to help solve product and business problems.

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 at 7:30PM


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The ShopBack research team is responsible for providing insights through user studies that help teams across the organisation solve tricky business and product problems. Last year, the team grew from a 1-person team to a team of 4 researchers, where they’re experimenting through trials and errors, with the different formats of team engagement to facilitate more meaningful conversations and work processes. This makes for an agile, experimental and empathetic culture. In this session, Jasmine and Amy will walk you through their work processes and toolset at ShopBack, and how these tools can help you facilitate better research team cultures. 

😎Meet the ShopBack Research Team

Jasmine Wong

User Experience Researcher at ShopBack

During her career, Jasmine has conducted a range of quantitative and qualitative studies across the public and private sector. She previously worked at a medical university as a research assistant at a Brain Computer Interface lab before moving on to applied research on child issues at a non-profit organization.

At ShopBack, she has worked on several projects within the APAC region that aim to improve the online shopping experience for users.

Amy Huang

Researcher at ShopBack

Alongside her 7 years of research experience, Amy actively applies design thinking and ethnography research practices in organisations that she works at. Previously, she worked with multinational teams in Mozilla, Steelcase, and StudioD. She has also worked on cross-culture fieldwork projects across India, China, Myanmar, and Thailand. She has a wide range of experience in different industries including e-commerce, workspace behaviour, healthcare, and internet security.

Amy seeks to continuously grow her domain knowledge of shopping behaviours of users across the Asia Pacific, together with other ShopBack researchers.

Naning Utoyo

Research Lead at ShopBack

Previously, Naning led research for consumer products in SP Group — bringing compassion to one of the oldest industries in the country. Prior to her experience at SP Group, she worked closely with product managers and led research for B2B SaaS in TradeGecko (currently Intuit QuickBooks Commerce). She also worked in McCann Worldgroup, crafting digital strategies and campaigns for regional clients from various industries.

She co-founded UXID, the first UX community in Indonesia. With almost 10 years of work experience, she is active in teaching and mentoring in the communities and at universities within both Indonesia and Singapore.

Iju Hsu

User Experience Researcher at ShopBack

Iju previously had 2 years of experience as a podcast project manager at Mirror Voice. She also organized and hosted a well-known popular science podcast in Taiwan and which is selected by Apple as an example of the HomePod mini product page.

She currently conducts cross-cultural UX research at ShopBack, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to ensure user-centered and data driven insights. Iju hopes to employ her domain knowledge of cognitive science and user experience research to improve the online shopping experience for users around APAC.


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Thursday, March 3, 2022
11:30 AM – 12:45 PM UTC


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Talk: How ShopBack research team works and frames their culture


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