Designland x FoF Meet-up!

May 4, 4:30 – 7:30 AM

Designland is coming to Pune!

About this event

May the force be with design!

Join us on 4th of May, as Designland comes to MIT-WPU, Pune. The community is growing, with meet-ups happening in different cities. Friends of Figma, Pune is glad to have them come from Hyderabad to interact and network with creatives, artists, designers, nerds, and passionate individuals in the city! Check out the event agenda and details below.

About Designland

Designland is a not-for-profit design community created by designers, for designers. This vibrant community (of over 3000+) is dedicated to fostering collaboration, creativity, and driving positive change within the design industry. Our mission is to offer a platform where design professionals, students and enthusiasts can connect, learn, and grow together, while also exploring the latest trends in design and artificial intelligence.

  • Empower Designers: Equip designers with the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to enhance their skills and impact.
  • Foster Collaboration: Create a space where designers can share ideas, work on joint projects, and contribute to each other’s growth.
  • Drive Innovation: Encourage innovative thinking and the adoption of new technologies, particularly AI, within the design process.
  • Community Building: Develop a supportive network that spans across different regions and design specializations.

Designland is more than just a community; 

It is a movement towards redefining the landscape of design through collective effort and shared vision. By focusing on collaboration, innovation, and professional growth, we are not only enhancing the capabilities of individual designers but also enriching the broader design ecosystem.

Designland x Friends of Figma, Pune

  • It is a free event, open to all design students, enthusiasts, professionals and leaders.
  • Are you in the field of or passionate about design (or art)? Industrial, fashion, product, architecture, interior, video game, graphics, animation, communication, experience, and a bunch of others. This event is to brew creativity and connect with the perspectives of multi-faceted design and art space.
  • Get your nerd glasses on! If you interact with design team or have a designer friend, tag along with them—because this event is for you too; developers, project managers, business analysts, marketeers, entrepreneurs, and a lot more of you!
  • This is a networking opportunity to meet like-minded people in the field and to see how cool design events are! :D More importantly, build meaningful connections <3


  • Ravi Tejj


    Product Designer 2

  • Sanjay Reddy


    Redtin Studio

  • Abhishek Shankhdhar

    UX Designer



Welcome & Introductions
Ice-breaker activity
Talk: Relevance
Workshop: Generative AI 2D & 3D
Activity: Design Trivia
Closing & Networking


  • Shivangi C.

    Friends of Figma



  • Shivangi C.

    Friends of Figma

    Figma Community Advocate - Lead Organizer

  • Kalyani Desai

    Red Hat Technologies

    Volunteer: Content

  • Dev Tayade

    Volunteer: Management / Logistics

  • Sarvottam Kulkarni


    Volunteer: Outreach / Coordinator

  • Sanika Belpathak


    Volunteer: Outreach / Management


Designland logo


MIT-WPU logo


Featured Attendees

  • Rao, Harshita Rao


    UX Designer

  • Ovi Bhowmik

    Coditas Solutions

    Graphic Designer

  • Aman Gupta Gupta


    Lead UX Designer

  • Jimi Shah


    Design Manager

  • Amal Pagag Pagag


    Junior UI designer

  • Vishvesh Ghongade ghongade



  • Esha Chidgopkar Chidgopkar

    Esha chidgopkar


  • Yashika Gujar



  • Prerana kshatriya kshatriya

    modern college


  • Rishikesh Kulkarni

    Chief UX Designer

  • Anay Kharade Kharade

    OAO India Pvt. Ltd.

    Game Designer

  • Dhaval Shah Shah


    UX Manager

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