Meetup: UX Research (UX Expert Review)

Friday, June 30, 2023, 5:30 – 7:00 PM UTC

Understand how to identify potential usability issues and areas for improvement based on Expert Review techniques.

About this event

Having user data, whether qualitative or quantitative, is always recommended...

But with the right training and processes, user experience professionals can supplement research and data analytics with UX reviews and assessments, providing several beneficial outcomes without having to conduct studies or data analysis, such as:

- Identifying potential usability issues and areas for improvement

- Determining whether user interface principles and best practices are in place

- Conducting a comparable UX assessment of competing product experiences

- Quantifying usability without conducting user research though the use of severity ratings and ease-of-use scorecards

- Prioritising product roadmaps when there is no time for research or data collection, or when another perspective is needed

In this Meetup we will talk about Usability, Layers of User Experience and 2 inspection and analysis methods that, when conducted properly, will reliably produce insights about the quality of your user experience and how to potentially improve it. 

These skills supplement other research methods such as usability testing, quantitative benchmarking, and analysis of passively gathered user data.

Topics covered: 

Concept of usability

Layers of User Experience

Cognitive Walkthroughs

Heuristic Analysis, Best Practices and Design Principles


  • Marcelo Gomes

    Dentsu, Inc.

    Sr. UX Designer


  • Bruno


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Raquel Pereira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    FoF Community Advocate

  • Marcelo Henrique


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Rita Sousa


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Emanuel Sousa


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Beatriz Martins


    FoF Collaborator - Design Systems Designer

  • Julia Nascimento

    FoF Community Advocate

  • Daniel Marques


    Product Designer

  • João Miranda


    FoF Collaborator - Designer

  • Ana Vintém

    FoF Collaborator

  • Gustavo Silva


    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • Joana Laranjeira


    FoF Collaborator - Junior UX/UI Designer

  • Marco Duarte


    FoF Collaborator - UX/UI Designer Specialist

  • Mariana Duarte

    Bosch Portugal

    FoF Collaborator - UX/UI Designer

  • Elisabete Simões


    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • Susana Ferreira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • André Mariano

    Bakersoft GmbH

    FoF Collaborator - Designer

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