How to user test your Figma prototype | A Layers Meetup

Oct 3, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Join us, Ladies that UX and Lisa Duddington to learn how to user-test your Figma prototypes, and get the insights your product needs to be the best of the best!

About this event

Layers is gone, but the amazing content created by the community is not. Join us for a handful of Meetups with the amazing community members who joined our open call. These are grade-A content for you to enjoy and still feel the experience of the Layers conference.

For our first meetup, meet Lisa Duddington from PrestigeUX. She's gonna be sharing with us her best tips and tricks on how to user test your prototypes in Figma.

The talk is aimed at designers and intends to teach you what you need to know to user test and get feedback on your prototypes so that you can iterate and improve your designs (even improving them during tests!)

This is a partnered event with the amazing Ladies that UX, who will be joining us on the day.


  • Lisa Duddington

    Prestige UX

    Founder, UX and Research Expert



Tuesday, October 3, 2023
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


  • Bruno


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Raquel Pereira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    FoF Community Advocate

  • Marcelo Gomes


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Rita Sousa


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Emanuel Sousa


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Beatriz Martins


    FoF Collaborator - Design Systems Designer

  • Julia Nascimento

    FoF Community Advocate

  • Daniel Marques


    Product Designer

  • João Miranda


    FoF Collaborator - Designer

  • Ana Vintém

    FoF Collaborator

  • Gustavo Silva


    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • Joana Laranjeira Filipe

    New Normal

    FoF Collaborator - Junior UX/UI Designer

  • Marco Duarte


    FoF Collaborator - UX/UI Designer Specialist

  • Mariana Duarte

    Bosch Portugal

    FoF Collaborator - UX/UI Designer

  • Elisabete Simões


    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • Susana Ferreira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • André Mariano

    Bakersoft GmbH

    FoF Collaborator - Designer


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