FoF Portugal Meetup: How to Ensure a Smooth Design Handoff

Nov 10, 2022, 6:30 – 8:30 PM


Join us for yet another Meetup, where this tiem we'll talk on best practices for Design to Dev Handoff with our very own Marcelo Henrique.

About this event

Welcome to another Friends of Figma Portugal Meetup.

For this event, we will be talking all about Design-Developer Handoff, specifically How to Ensure a Smooth Design Handoff with our very own Marcelo Henrique.

We'll be discussing best practices on how to make your documentation process and conversations with development flawless (or at least try). Marcelo will beings us his expertise from working at Volkswagen Digital Solutions, where he is part of the groupUI Design Systems team, collaborating with core designers from VW, Germany. There will also be time for cool tips and tricks, and at the end save some time for the latest Figma & FigJam updates.

About the speaker:

Marcelo is a Product Designer at Volkswagen DS and one of our FoF Collaborators, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Specialisation in Product Design and User experience (FGV-SP), UXC Research (NN/g), and currently taking an MBA in Digital Business (USP-SP). Besides being a collaborator of Friends of Figma, Lisbon, Marcelo translates articles from English to Portuguese on blogs like UX Collective and IxDA. He's also part of the UX Research community at Pretux, a community that offers support, guidance, mentoring and qualification for black UX professionals.


  • Marcelo Gomes

    Dentsu, Inc.

    Sr. UX Designer


  • Bruno


    FoF Portugal Leader

  • Raquel Pereira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    FoF Portugal Leader

  • ㅤMarcelo Gomes


    FoF Portugal Leader

  • Rita Sousa


    FoF Portugal Leader

  • Emanuel Sousa


    FoF Portugal Leader

  • Julia Nascimento

    FoF Portugal Leader

  • Beatriz Martins


    FoF Portugal - Co-organizer

  • Daniel Marques


    FoF Portugal - Co-organizer

  • João Miranda


    FoF Portugal - Co-organizer

  • Marco Duarte


    FoF Portugal - Co-organizer

  • Mariana Duarte

    Bosch Portugal

    FoF Portugal - Co-organizer

  • Joana Laranjeira Filipe

    New Normal

    FoF Portugal - Collaborator

  • Susana Ferreira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    FoF Portugal - Collaborator

  • Gustavo Silva


    FoF Portugal - Collaborator

  • Elisabete Simões


    FoF Portugal - Collaborator

  • Ana Vintém

    FoF Portugal - Collaborator

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