FoF Portugal Meetup: Advanced Prototyping in Coimbra

Thursday, November 17, 2022, 6:30 – 8:30 PM UTC

Join us and Bloco at Next Collective Downtown for an afternoon of Figma Prototyping hands on and fun.

About this event

FYI this session will be fully in Portuguese 🇵🇹 🇧🇷

We joined our friends at Bloco to host our first-ever meetup in Coimbra. This time, we'll be running a full-on Advanced Prototyping Workshop, led by our very own Bruno Figueiredo.

This will be a very hands-on session with a full workshop on Advanced Prototyping and a chance to gather and meet the Product, UX/UI Design, and Dev Community in Coimbra that share a love for Figma, creativity, and design tools overall. The workshop will also be streamed here.

About the workshop:

Do you want to bring your products to life? Are your buttons beautiful but lamely animated? Do you want to build amazing apps that move and feel like the real deal? Then wait no more, this workshop is FOR YOU 👈

All slogans apart, this will be a full-on workshop to take your static UIs and bring them to life with everything from simple re-usable animated components, to complex animation flows and details. We want you to be able to take your prototypes to the next level, and even improve your project approvals and handoff using great prototyping techniques. We'll be using Figma (obviously) but also talk about extending your toolset and using other tools when necessary.

Please do bring:

  1. Your laptop or iPad (yes you can prototype on iPad);
  2. Great questions and use cases;
  3. A smile to share with all your other tired tech workers;

See you all at Nest 😊

About the Speaker:

Bruno is a Brand Designer/ Community Manager/ Podcaster/ Teacher. He's been working as a designer and creative for 12 years, going from graphic design, to video production, content creation, and cultural journalism, to most recently brand and systems design on his 9 to 5 job at OutSystems. He's one of the founders of the FoF Portugal group and is also one of the moderators of the global FoF Discord Community. Outside all of these he's running a project with a podcast called Design is for Everyone and he's a UX/UI Instructor at FLAG.


  • Bruno Figueiredo


    Lead Designer



Thursday, November 17, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM UTC

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  • Bruno


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Raquel Pereira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    FoF Community Advocate

  • Marcelo Henrique


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Rita Sousa


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Emanuel Sousa


    FoF Community Advocate

  • Beatriz Martins


    FoF Collaborator - Design Systems Designer

  • Julia Nascimento

    FoF Community Advocate

  • Daniel Marques


    Product Designer

  • João Miranda


    FoF Collaborator - Designer

  • Ana Vintém

    FoF Collaborator

  • Gustavo Silva


    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • Joana Laranjeira


    FoF Collaborator - Junior UX/UI Designer

  • Marco Duarte


    FoF Collaborator - UX/UI Designer Specialist

  • Mariana Duarte

    Bosch Portugal

    FoF Collaborator - UX/UI Designer

  • Elisabete Simões


    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • Susana Ferreira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    FoF Collaborator - Product Designer

  • André Mariano

    Bakersoft GmbH

    FoF Collaborator - Designer


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