Deeploy' UX Talks – Web Summit Edition! [partner event]

Nov 2, 2022, 6:30 – 9:00 PM

UX Talks: How companies and talents can work together for the UX market maturity

About this event

We're joining Deeploy for another amazing event, this time right around the time of Web Summit, so everyone can learn and network with a truly global community.

With the partnership of Ironhack Portugal and the support from Ladies That UX Lisboa and Friends of Figma Portugal and 351 Portuguese Startup Communities, Deeploy is bringing you one more in-person event. In a very welcoming place with extremely easy access in Lisbon, you’re going to enjoy an amazing evening with drinks, a talk about the UX Design scenario with special guests Katia Amaro, Jeison Valejo, and Lisandra Maioli, hosted by Daniel Furtado.

What are the challenges that UX Designers and companies face to push the boundaries of the UX Market? In this talk, guests are bringing their experienced vision on this topic, so you can learn ways to make this happen within your Design Team.

Besides learning a lot, you will have the opportunity to grow your networking with UX people from all around the world that are going to be in town for WebSummit, and of course, get to know Deeploy’s founders.

This event is intended for UX Design professionals of all expertise, from students to leaders, that look for understanding the challenges of building and being part of Design Teams with high-performance diverse people.

The Speakers

Katia Amaro

UX Manager at Capgemini Engineering, Portugal. Teacher, and leader, Katia guides teams and participates in the process definition and strategy of experience design. Her experience includes governmental and private companies, with the mission of increasing and promoting the designer's place at the table in digital projects.

Jeison Valejo

Head of Product Design at Uphold, Portugal. An experienced designer and leader who has worked for many industries, mainly in financial companies. He is into crypto in Portugal, helping businesses to deliver investments and payments for people worldwide using digital assets and crypto networks.

Lisandra Maioli

Head of UX at Entain, Gibraltar. Passionate about customer and user experience, she is a multidisciplinary 20-year experienced UX Designer with a large background in Digital Communication regarding content, product, marketing, and UX, delivering impactful results for companies in several industries across more than 5 countries.

The hosts

Daniel Furtado

Head of Product Design at Venturus, Brazil. Daniel is the creator of one of the most prestigious and respected UX YouTube channels, UXNOW, which helps people to come to the field and also more experienced Designers to grow. He is driven by getting things done as a Design entrepreneur, leader, teacher, lecturer, influencer, and advisor for several companies and projects.

Mao Barros

20-year experienced Designer and entrepreneur, who leads teams from Brazil and Portugal in strategic Design related to the brand strategies. Portfolio curator, mentor, articles writer, speaker, live host, and Webflow specialist passionate about creating impactful digital experiences.


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