Deeploy UX Talks [Partner Event]

Selina - R. de José Falcão 199 Porto, 4050-215 - View Map Portugal
Wed, Sep 21, 7:00 PM (WEST)

Current UX market expectations for Designers and Leaders, with Rafael Burity

About this event


We're joining Ironhack Portugal, Ladies That UX Porto and Porto Digital, as partner of Deeploy's in-person UX event UX Talks: Current UX market expectations for Designers and Leaders, with Rafael Burity.

In a very welcoming place with extremely easy access in Porto, you’re going to enjoy an amazing evening with welcome drinks, a talk about the UX Design scenario with special guest Rafael Burity and a fun happy hour afterward.

This event is intended for UX Design professionals of all expertises, from students to leaders, that look for sharing knowledge and meeting people in the Portuguese northern region. You will have the chance to get to know the Deeploy team and its host Mao Barros, a 20-year experienced Designer and Entrepreneur, currently specialised in UI Design and No-Code tools. As CoFounder and CCO at Deeploy, he leads teams from Brazil and Portugal in strategic Design and portfolio curatorship.

About the speaker

The special guest Rafael Burity is a 8-year experienced Design Leader, who has been working as Designer for the past 20 years helping companies synthesize the content and context, offering the best solutions for the business, and sharing knowledge with the UX community through videos, podcasts, and articles.

Main topics addressed:

  • The different kinds of markets
  • Clarifying the real fit between company and professional
  • Designer profiles and how to identify your own
  • Tips on how to stay prepared

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Wednesday, Sep 21
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (WEST)


R. de José Falcão 199 Porto4050-215


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