UX Design Bootcamp FINALE (Design Sprint)

Port Harcourt

Saturday, April 1, 2023, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM UTC


About this event

The design sprint is the final event of our bootcamp and is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to the test. The aim of the design sprint is to work collaboratively in groups to design a persuasive technology.

The design sprint will last for three hours, during which time participants will work in teams of 4-6 people. Each team will be given a problem statement, and your task will be to create a persuasive technology solution that addresses the problem statement.

The design sprint process will be divided into the following stages:

Understanding the problem: This stage will involve a thorough exploration of the problem statement to understand its nuances and complexities.

Ideation: During this stage, participants will brainstorm and generate as many ideas as possible. It is a free-thinking process that encourages participants to think outside the box.

Prototyping: This stage will involve creating low-fidelity prototypes of your best ideas. The aim of this stage is to create quick and dirty prototypes that are just good enough to test.

Testing: During this stage, teams will test their prototypes with real users to get feedback and iterate on their designs.

Throughout the design sprint, you will have the opportunity to work with your team, collaborate, and learn from others. The design sprint is an opportunity to put your skills and knowledge to the test and to learn from experienced panelists.

At the end of the three hours, each team will have the opportunity to present their solutions to the panelists, who will provide feedback and guidance on your designs. The panelists, are experienced product managers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of UX design.

Overall, the design sprint is an opportunity for you to work in a team, learn from others, and put your skills into practice. It is an exciting and engaging event that we hope you will enjoy and find valuable.