Mastering Auto Layout in Figma | Part 1

New Delhi
Sun, Feb 28, 6:00 PM (IST)

Hello, this is the first session we're conducting as the Delhi chapter to introduce Auto layout in this two part workshop. Join us for an exciting 1 hr to dive deep into Figma and learn ins and outs of auto layout, one of the most powerful ways to create scalable and responsive design in Figma. See you there. Keep Learning :)

About this event

Learn how to master auto layout in Figma to create scalable and responsive layouts such as tables, website design. By learning in and outs of auto layout, you'll understand how web development works and use the principles to create your own website easily using no code platforms better. 


  • Karan Kapoor

    Karan Kapoor

    UX Designer

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  • Mayank Nagpal

    Mayank Nagpal


    Figma Community Advocate

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