Designing Responsive Components In Figma

Mar 3, 2021, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

During this session, we’ll be exploring how to design responsive components in Figma and how to work with them in your designs to save time.

About this event


Hosting a virtual design session allows everyone to take part in the session in real-time right from the comfort of their homes. Virtual sessions also bridge the gap of learning from members in other cities and further promote diversity without the hassles of travelling.

What this event is about

Components are reusable objects in your design. They can be as simple as an individual button or as complex as an entire navigation drawer (composed of instances of other components like logos, avatars, buttons, and menu items). Using responsive components makes your work easier, scales, and consistent. You can make changes swiftly to your design without breaking things! During this session, we’ll be exploring how to design these responsive components in Figma.

What you stand to gain from this session

For this event, it’s assumed that you already have the basic understanding of how Figma components work - I mean, creating, swapping, using and managing components in Figma. We’ll now take it a bit further to learn how you can create, use, and update responsive components. You will also learn about Constraints, Auto Layout, and Variants along the way because this is what will help you to fully manipulate and make your static components responsive.

About the Speaker

Jeremiah Righteous is a Product Designer at Softcom. I’m very passionate about solving UX & Business problems through design and at the same time, likes helping ‘beginners to design’ find their paths.

I also do other things outside design, like eating spicy & delicious foods, going for a run, taking photos, watching Netflix, listening to good music, and more. Oh, I’m also an inspiring investor & tourist. And that’s it!

What you should know before the session (Prerequisite)

In order to have a better understanding of how Figma components work before this session, you can check out the previous session we had on “Working with Figma Component” here:



Wednesday, March 3, 2021
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM UTC


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  • Ayodeji Olagbaiye

    Kuda Bank

    Friends of Figma Lagos Leader

  • Ìbùkún Adelekan


    Friends of Figma Lagos Leader

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  • Moshood Sulayman Adesola

    Bernados Pharmacy


  • Eleana Diadem

    Airopay Inc

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