The Power of Motion and Illustration

Jun 2, 2023, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Join Setel and LottieFiles' designers in "The Power of Motion and Illustration" event and learn how to create an efficient and dynamic illustration system with Figma. Explore the power of LottieFiles in creating captivating animations for your designs. This event is perfect for designers who want to learn how to incorporate illustration and animation to enhance their designs.

About this event

About event

Join us at Setel's office in Bangsar South for our first-ever physical event and meet with like-minded designers to learn more about creating an efficient and dynamic illustration system in Figma. Setel's designers will share their experience in building their own illustration system, and LottieFiles' designers will teach you how to create captivating animations using LottieFiles and Figma.

As a special treat, LottieFiles is sponsoring the food and drinks for the event. Enjoy delicious pizza and refreshments while you connect with other designers and grow your network in the design community. This is a great opportunity to gain insights from experienced designers and improve your skills in illustration and animation. Don't miss out on this exciting event!


Evolving Illustration System at Setel by Moon Hui and Ling Jien

Moon Hui, Senior Product Designer

Product designer by day, doodler by night. I enjoy incorporating my passion for illustration into product designs. When I’m not busy designing, you can find me hunting down the latest addition to my collection of figurines.

Ling Jien, Senior Product Designer

A product designer, visual storyteller & hyperpop enjoyer from Kuala Lumpur. Designing anything I get my hands on, whether you like it or not.

Why Motion in Product Design

Celcea Tifani, Senior Visual Designer

Celcea is an art director and designer with a passion for developing brand and visual solutions that drive business objectives. With many years of experience in various industry and countries, she enjoys collaborating with colleagues and clients to bring creative projects to life. Her key inspiration is people and human behaviour to create memorable brand voices.

Xiang Yi Sin, Senior Product Designer

Xiang is a motion design geek who gets excited about the small details that make a big impact. He’s particularly fond of typography and other visually stunning elements that have the power to captivate and amaze. Xiang’s goal is to create designs that bring a smile to people’s faces, and he’s always striving to improve and learn new skills. His passion lies in creating unique designs that leave a lasting impression, and he feels grateful for every opportunity to do so


  • Moon Hui


    Senior Product Designer

  • Ling Jien


    Senior Product Designer

  • Celcea Tifani


    Senior Visual Designer

  • Xiang Yi Sin


    Senior Product Designer


Pre-meetup Chill Session
Evolving Illustration System at Setel
Short break
Why Motion in Product Design


  • Cs Leong

    Product Designer

  • Gaddafi Rusli

    Head of Product Design

  • Marissa Lim


    Product Designer

  • Stan Tan


    Senior Product Designer

  • Yaamin


    Global Partnerships Manager

  • Tracy W.


    Product Designer

  • Alexa Tan


  • nycaaabella



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