Kuala Lumpur Watch Party

Jun 27, 12:00 – 2:00 PM

Config 2024 is back! FoF KL is excited to once again organise another watch party this year! Join fellow design lovers for the Config 2024 Watch Party. Come enjoy burgers and drinks while watching the latest in design from Figma. Connect, get inspired, and have fun at this gathering for creative minds. Stay tuned for the final venue details!

About this event

Hey there fellow creative people! FoF KL is hosting a Config 2024 Watch Party in late June!

Registration opening

We will be opening the registration at the end of May 2024.

Expect more details soon....

The team is currently preparing for the watch party so more details will be announce on Instagram and Linkedin soon!

Activities during the Watch Party:

  1. Connect with fellow designers, product people around KL!
  2. We will be serving burgers that night!
  3. Fun activities
  4. Config 2024 Keynote re-watch
  5. Figma swag giveaways


Registration and burger dinner
Opening by FoF KL
Config 2024 Keynote rewatch
Networking and activities


  • Cs Leong

    Product Designer

  • Gaddafi Rusli

    Head of Product Design

  • Marissa Lim


    Product Designer

  • Stan Tan


    Senior Product Designer

  • Yaamin


    Global Partnerships Manager

  • Tracy W.


    Product Designer

  • Alexa Tan


  • nycaaabella


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