Beyond Research Execution: Exploring Collaborative Strategies to Maximise UX Research Impact

Sep 9, 2023, 12:00 – 1:30 PM

👋 Hi friends! We’re excited to announce our upcoming talk surrounding the ever-evolving topic of UX Research! This online-only event happening next month will feature Prudence Djajadi, a Senior UX Researcher at Uber 🤩.

About this event

About the speaker

Prudence Djajadi is a UX researcher with over eight years of industry experience designing and conducting research on global-scale products that have been embraced by millions of users worldwide. Prudence's passion lies in understanding user needs, leveraging her design expertise to create intuitive and impactful solutions. Outside work, she enjoys cooking while having deep conversations with great company, reading (currently into psychology and communication), and going to the museum.

About the topic

Prudence will present different strategies and tips for a designer to engage with UX Researchers beyond data gathering. Researchers have gathered a lot of behavioural insights from users and those information can actually influence product metrics. Join us in this virtual meetup and find out how you can use these insights to plan and build better products!


  • Prudence Djajadi


    Senior UX Researcher


  • Cs Leong

    Product Designer

  • Gaddafi Rusli

    Head of Product Design

  • Marissa Lim


    Product Designer

  • Stan Tan


    Senior Product Designer

  • Yaamin


    Global Partnerships Manager

  • Tracy W.


    Product Designer

  • Alexa Tan


  • nycaaabella


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