Figma Developer Handsoff Guide

Aug 9, 2023, 9:59 AM


The Figma Developer Handoff Guide in an in-person session at Folio3 aims to bridge the gap between design and development teams, promoting a harmonious and productive workflow that leads to high-quality products. By equipping attendees with the necessary skills and best practices, this guide empowers teams to work together efficiently and deliver exceptional user experiences.

About this event

The Session covers essential topics such as:

Design Specifications: Understanding how to extract crucial design information, including dimensions, colors, typography, and spacing, to facilitate smooth development implementation.

Design Components: Learning how to work with design components in Figma and how developers can utilize these components efficiently during the coding phase.

Developer-Friendly Assets: Ensuring that design assets are properly organized and named, making it easier for developers to locate and implement them within the codebase.

Interactive Prototypes: Exploring the use of interactive prototypes to showcase design interactions, animations, and user flows, allowing developers to grasp the intended user experience more effectively.

Developer Handoff Tools: Introduction to various plugins and integrations in Figma that streamline the handoff process, making it quicker and more straightforward for both designers and developers.

Q&A and Collaboration: Encouraging open discussions and collaboration between designers and developers to address any questions, concerns, or potential challenges that may arise during the handoff process.


  • Muhammad Adil


    Lead UI/UX Designer



Wednesday, August 9, 2023
9:59 AM – 9:59 AM UTC


  • Umair Ali


    Head of User Experience and Design

  • Arkham Khan

    Passed Recordings

    Brand Ambassador

  • MAAZ



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