Designing for different Cultures and Audience

Mar 30, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Designing for different cultures and audiences requires cultural awareness, sensitivity, and a commitment to understanding the diverse needs and preferences of global users. By incorporating cultural considerations into the design process, designers can create more inclusive, accessible, and impactful designs that resonate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

About this event

Hey design fam! Get ready to dive into a super cool webinar all about "Designing for different Cultures and Audiences" with the awesome Timothy Ogundipe. He's gonna spill the beans on why it's crucial to consider different cultural perspectives in our designs and share some wicked strategies for creating designs that everyone can vibe with, no matter where they're from!


  • Feyisayo faloye

    Product Designer


  • Feyisayo Faloye

    Figma Community Advocate

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