AMA Jam with Sophie Kahan

Nov 3, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Sophie is a Product Manager at Figma, focused on creating a delightful meeting experience in FigJam. Come jam with her to learn about her experience and how she thinks about effective meetings.

About this event

Come jam with Sophie Kahan, a Product Manager at Figma, to learn about her career journey, her facilitation best practices, and more! Sophie is the PM for the Meeting Experience team working on FigJam, and she brings years of product experience from companies like Amazon and Google. 

This will be a casual conversation, and you'll be invited to ask questions and jam with us during the session. Bring all of your questions, thoughts, and feedback about coordinating with cross-functional stakeholders and driving work forward. 


  • Sophie Kahan


    Product Manager


  • Kaitie Chambers


    FigJam Advocate


  • Kaitie Chambers

    Designer Advocate, Figma

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