AMA Jam with Lawrence Luk

Oct 27, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Lawrence is a TPM Manager at Figma, focused on developing effective operational rhythms for Product teams. Come jam with him to learn about his experience and best practices.

About this event

Come jam with Lawrence Luk, to learn about his career journey, his facilitation best practices, and more! Lawrence was the first technical program manager at Figma, and he partners with Figma's tech org leadership to develop highly effective operational rhythms for our teams. He's also the organizer of the internal Facilitators group at Figma, and has a wealth of knowledge around meeting facilitation, stakeholder management, and cross-functional collaboration.

This will be a casual conversation, and you'll be invited to ask questions and jam with us during the session. Bring all of your questions, thoughts, and feedback about facilitating cross-functional collaboration. 


  • Lawrence Luk


    TPM Manager


  • Kaitie Chambers


    FigJam Advocate


  • Kaitie Chambers

    Designer Advocate, Figma

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