Figma Israel Meetup #6 - Celebrating 2 Years


Wednesday, December 25, 2019, 4:27 – 7:27 PM UTC


About this event

3 lighting round talks & Case study from our excellent community members.
No BS, Just Real examples from the field + panel discussion

18:27 - Dreidels and Sufganiyot, some snacks and awkward silence AKA networking
19:03 - Welcome

19:10 -19:25 - Saar Gil and Hilla Oren
Spark Beyond has a platform for solving business and social problems using artificial intelligence. Saar Gil and Hilla Oren will present the challenges facing the design team in building a design system for a complex and innovative system - on the one hand, the existing system needs to be maintained and on the other hand, constantly developing the Vision for future versions.

19:25 -19:40 - Omar Frank
"How I Build a Design System for myself" and how to use and extend the same system to different clients. And also what the benefits are.

19:40 -20:00 - Oded Bengigi
Oded Bengigi from Joytunes Do we really need a design system?, thoughts and practice on when not to use and what is an impact-driven product design process.

20:00 -21:27
A Panel, Q&A and practical tips from our speakers and open discussion + kisses and goodbye

We are part of Figma Global Community program, our community is based on the principles of their community. We hope that it will become a tradition to open & share our work with our peers.



Wednesday, December 25, 2019
4:27 PM – 7:27 PM UTC

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