The First Month of Being a DesignOps

Thu, Feb 3, 2022, 9:00 AM (PST)

DesignOps is still a pretty new practice and we hear a lot of questions about how to start a DesignOps inside the organization and what kind of activities are performed on the first month of being a DesignOps

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About this event

Together with our speakers, we will speak about the first month of being a DesignOps. Our goal is to provide an action plan for the starters and align with experts' best practices.

In the end, we will visualize activities, approaches, and deliverables that DesignOps will need to focus on in the first month. Topics that we are going to cover:

  • Maturity evaluations by conducting interviews and workshops in groups;
  • Capturing highlights and prioritizing them with the Design Leadership teams;
  • Understanding of current Design Culture and DesignOps Principles;
  • DesignOps OKRs and planning initiatives;
  • Presenting impact and visibility on current activities that are performed;
  • Connecting with other practices like product management, engineering, and operations;
  • Aligning on products map, team compositions, intake models, and governance workflows.

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