Navigating Design Systems with Figma’s Config 2023 Updates

Jun 29, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Explore and embrace the new era of Design System with Figma's new features, focusing on enhanced design systems, integration, and AI capabilities for transformative solutions


About this event


* Revisit design system practices after Figma's config summit and understand how new features and capabilities will affect current processes

* Brainstorm and react to the changes and discuss future initiatives to unlock 100% of the new capabilities

* Discuss AI capabilities and their use cases in design system practices with examples from participants

Problems to solve:

* Understanding how new features and capabilities will affect current processes

* Identifying future initiatives to unlock 100% of new capabilities

* Discussing how to utilize AI capabilities in design system practices

Desired Outcomes:

* Participants gain a better understanding of how new Figma features and capabilities will affect their design system practices

* Participants brainstorm and identify future initiatives to unlock the full potential of new capabilities

* Participants learn about the use cases for AI in design system practices and how to implement them with examples from others


Config Reactions

* Panel discussion on reactions and thoughts about Figma’s Config 2023 summit.

* Speakers share how the new features (Dev Mode, Figma’s VS Code extension, variables, etc.) are expected to impact the design and development process.

* Participants share their initial thoughts via FigJam.

Unlocking new Design System capabilities

* Deep-dive into leveraging variables to align design systems with codebases.

* Discuss the use of the REST API and integration with Jira, Storybook, GitHub and Coda.

* Participants can ask questions and share their insights on FigJam.

AI and Future Accelerators

* Discussion on AI's role in enhancing design systems, automation, and user experiences.

* Real-world examples from participants on using AI in their Design System practices.

* Forecast of how AI will shape Design Systems in the future.

* Encouraging participants to share use cases and ideas through FigJam.

Latest Practices and Examples

* Panelists share case studies, best practices, and examples of how they are already using or planning to use Figma's new features.

* Discussion of strategies for effective design-to-development handoff.

* Participants share their examples or best practices via FigJam.

Navigating Change and Adopting New Processes

* Discussion on strategies for adopting new features into existing workflows.

* Understanding and managing the transition phase for design teams.

* Participants can share their experiences or tips on FigJam.S


  • Luis Ouriach


    Design Advocate

  • Raquel Pereira

    Volkswagen Digital Solutions

    Design Ops

  • Tiago Almeida

    Design Ops, Design Systems and Leadership

  • Farid Sabitov


    Figma DesignOps Community Advocate


  • Farid Sabitov


    Figma Community Advocate

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