Figma's Dev Mode: Adoption at Scale

Aug 4, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

We're diving into Figma's new Dev Mode and we want you all in! Let's get together to unpack what this means for our workflows, our teams, and our organizations.


About this event

Here's what we're curious about:

  1. Benefits: How's Dev Mode changing your game?
  2. Adoption Playbooks: Any pro tips for integrating this into workflows?
  3. Change Champions: Who are your Dev Mode heroes?
  4. Analytics: How are you gauging readiness and impact?
  5. Autocomplete Functionality: Any collab strategies to share?
  6. Early Feedback: What's been your experience so far?


  • Lisa Geubtner

    Head of Design Operations

  • Nicolas Chatelain


    Design Systems Designer - DesignOps

  • Farid Sabitov


    Figma DesignOps Community Advocate


  • Farid Sabitov


    Figma Community Advocate

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