Simplifying Motion Design with LottieFiles

Apr 18, 4:00 – 4:50 PM

Join LottieFiles, the platform revolutionizing animation creation! Learn how LottieFiles is making animation easy and efficient for everyone, with over 8.8 million global users including Disney and Instacart. Discover the secrets behind LottieFiles in a live workshop and see how to create a production-ready animation within Figma. Don't miss this chance to simplify your animation journey!

About this event

How long does it take for you to bring an animation to life? If you are wondering about this question, come & meet the team behind the global motion revolution that's simplifying the motion journey for everyone.

Discover why 8.8 million users globally are using LottieFiles with Ahmed Yaamin Mohamed, Global Partnerships Lead at LottieFiles, as he delves into how LottieFiles is on a mission to make the creation, collaboration & implementation of animation easy. Don’t miss out this chance to uncover the secrets why over 280,000+ companies such as Disney, Instacart, Duolingo, Protopie & Headspace are using LottieFiles and also join a live workshop as we recreate a production ready animation within Figma.


  • Ahmed Yaamin Mohamed


    Global Partnerships Lead


  • Darine Tleiss

    Figma Community Advocate

  • Mouhannad Tleiss


  • serena ridany


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