Re-Design Websites


Sat, Jan 28, 5:00 PM (UTC)


About this event

Redesigning websites is a training session that aims to help participants understand the principles of good website design and user experience (UX). 

The workshop cover a wide range of topics, including:

Layout and typography: Participants will learn how to create a visually pleasing and balanced layout that is easy to navigate. 

Color theory: Participants will learn how to use color effectively on a website to create a cohesive design and convey a specific mood or message.

Usability: Participants will learn about the principles of usability and how to create a website that is easy to use for a wide range of users. 

The session include hands-on exercise that allow participants to apply the skills they've learned in a practical setting.

Overall, the goal of the session is to help participants understand how to create effective, user-centered designs that improve the overall performance and usability of a website. By the end of the workshop, participants should have the skills and knowledge they need to redesign a website and create a better user experience.


  • Darine Tleiss

    FOF Beirut

    Community Advocate


  • Darine Tleiss

    Figma Community Advocate

  • Mouhannad Tleiss


  • Abdul Rahman Masri Attal

    Polar Stork


  • serena ridany