Data x Figma Meetup 2021

Feb 19, 2021, 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Figma Bengaluru is back again! To bring in 2021, we decided to host a meetup for our fellow Figmates. In the infamous year of 2020, designers were exposed to a myriad of skills which went beyond design, specifically data. Hence, we decided to understand how early designers could combine their design skills with data to make more informed decisions through live demos and a panel discussion!

About this event

Data x Figma 2021 is here!

In the infamous year of 2020, the design community delved into topics that went beyond design, specifically the role of data in design. 
  • How does data help to design better? 
  • What does data even mean?

The Friends of Figma Bengaluru team is organising a meet-up for designers who are curious to understand how data influences design decisions, methods to incorporate them into your design and validate the same with the rest of your team. To make this happen, we've got a bunch of experts to join us for a panel discussion + a demo session to show how designers can do the same. 


  • Kishore V


    Friends of Figma Bangalore Leader

  • Dwija Patel Patel


    Friends of Figma Bangalore Leader

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