Mastering Figma: Elevating Prototypes

Nov 1, 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Unlock the full potential of Figma for your design projects. Dive into advanced prototyping techniques, unleash creativity, and take your designs to the next level. Join us for an inspiring and hands-on session with industry experts.

About this event

Join us for an immersive online event where Murad Hasanov, will guide you through the intricacies of Figma's Advanced Prototyping capabilities. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just getting started, this session is designed to take your Figma skills to the next level.

What to Expect:

Advanced Prototyping Techniques: Explore powerful features and advanced methods to create interactive and dynamic prototypes.

Live Demonstrations: Murad will walk you through practical examples, sharing tips and tricks to boost your productivity.

Q&A Session: Get your questions answered and gain insights from an industry expert.

Hands-on Practice: Have your Figma ready and follow along as you put your new skills to work.

Networking: Connect with fellow designers and expand your professional network.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your Figma prototyping game. Register now to secure your spot, and let's master Figma together on November 1, 2023. Whether you're designing websites, apps, or other digital experiences, this event is your key to creating more engaging and interactive prototypes.

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  • Murad Hasanov


    UX&UI Designer


  • Agshin Rajabov

    Deutsche Bank

    UX Consultant


  • Agshin Rajabov

    Deutsche Bank

    UX Consultant

  • nargayeva


    UX&UI Designer

  • Tarlan


    UX&UI Designer

  • Firuza Ibrahimova

    ProData LLC

    UX&UI Designer

  • Sevil Gasimova

    UX&UI Designer

  • Elvira Ramaldanova

    UX/UI & Graphic designer


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Featured Attendees

  • Nigar Musazade

  • Tahmina Mustafayeva


  • Narmin Guliyeva

    Baku Design Academy

  • Guleysha Hasanova


  • Ali Rasulov

    Code Acedemy

  • Solmaz Rzayeva


  • Nigar Muradly


  • Rashad Gulum

    Unibank CB

  • Sona Hilalova

    No company

  • Anar Goyushov


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