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The Friends of Figma Design Systems chapter is a community of professionals, hobbyists, and students who are design system beginners, builders, and mentors. We're a Friends of Figma chapter aimed at not just designers and creatives, but also at developers, product managers, and anyone who has an interest in developing a skillset in design

Design Systems can be daunting to get started with, especially as a beginner in design. Even as a pro, systems can be hard to maintain. We want our events, content, and community to help people grow at any point in their career and encourage creatives and builders to collaborate and build. Starting August 2022, you can expect to see us running workshops, panels, and hackathons by our team and the community on topics like design system fundamentals (grids, layouts, components) and design system ops.

If you're interested in joining our community, join us for our events by signing up here on this site or come chat with us in the Friends of Figma Discord. We're also starting to develop some resources for our Figma community profile!

All community activity and events for this group are expected to follow the Figma Code of Conduct.


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