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This Friend Of Figma, dedicated to fostering inclusive design practices! Our focus revolves around empowering designers to create accessible products for all users. We'll explore strategies like inclusive design principles, assistive technology integration, and UX enhancements ensuring accessibility. Key areas of discussion include accessibility standards, inclusive design methodologies, user empathy, technology integration, and evaluation processes. By emphasizing accessibility within design operations, we aim to accelerate innovation while ensuring products are usable by everyone.

Let's collaborate to ensure equitable and accessible design experiences for all users.

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Upcoming events


Virtual Event

How to integrate A11Y into the existing product workflow? - Chris Land

We’ll review the open source Accessibility Annotation Kit and discuss ways to build accessibility thinking into our Figma designs and specs for developer hand off.


Virtual Event

Designing for vulnerability: creating inclusive spaces for everyone - Luz Delgado

Join us for an inspiring talk by Luz Delgado, a strategic designer at Bpifrance and a passionate advocate for responsible and inclusive design. In this deeply personal and profoundly professional journey, Luz shares her experiences as a black, neurodivergent, non-heterosexual woman navigating the challenges of life and the design industry.


Chloé Echasseriau

Sr Product Designer

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