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Meet designers, grow your network, and build design skills at in-person events and in our online community. Open to everyone interested in learning more about Figma; advanced practitioners, aspiring designers and developers, and creatives of all types.

Everyone who participates in this group is expected to follow Figma's official code of conduct.

Join the Friends of Figma Discord and chat with us in the #fof-cincinnati channel.

Upcoming events

26 jun 2024

In-person event

Cincinnati Watch Party

Join the Cincinnati chapter of Friends of Figma once again this year as we live stream Day 1 of Figma's annual Config conference right here in the Queen City! We'll have food, drinks, and networking opportunities, not to mention fantastic Figma swag!

Past events

In-person event

Beyond UX Design with Jeremy Miller

In-person event

Happy Hour with AIGA Cincinnati & Friends of Figma

In-person event

End of Summer Happy Hour

In-person event

Config 2023 Watch Party | Cincinnati

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