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"Every great design starts with an even better story".

We at Friends of Figma amplify the importance of art and great design in daily life through the initiatives we partake in. We aim to provide a platform for all creative beings who work relentlessly towards the craft they envision.

From budding designers, researchers, artists, and product managers to people just crazy about Figma as us, our community stands as a home to all, bringing in different perspectives and helping each other to grow into their best artistic selves. So, if you have an eye for great design, grit to create, and ambition to grow then Friends of Figma welcomes you warmly !!

Mind-boggling discussions, novel tasks, and great mentors await you, here at Friends of Figma. With the help of the most avidly used collaborative tool, Figma, we provide the break-even between product folks and creative souls!


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Dwija Patel

Figma Community Advocate

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